dress */*/*/

dress */*/*/
I UK [dres] / US verb
Word forms "dress":
present tense I/you/we/they dress he/she/it dresses present participle dressing past tense dressed past participle dressed
1) [intransitive] to put on clothes. This verb is common in writing, but when you are speaking it is more usual to say that you get dressed

It only took her ten minutes to shower and dress.

a) [intransitive] to put on clothes of a particular type
dress in:

He tends to dress in dark colours.

dress as:

The nurses had decided to dress as clowns for Halloween.

b) [transitive] to put clothes on someone

We wash the children and dress them for school.

dress yourself:

Our youngest boy can already dress himself.

c) [transitive] to choose or design the clothes that someone wears

He dresses many of Europe's most glamorous women.

d) [intransitive] to put on clothes that are suitable for a particular occasion or event
dress for:

It would be sensible to dress for cold weather.

They dressed for dinner every night (= put on formal clothes for the evening meal).

2) [transitive] to clean an injury and cover it with a piece of soft cloth called a dressing
3) [transitive] to add flavour to a salad by putting a mixture of liquids such as oil and lemon juice on it. The mixture is called a dressing.
4) [transitive] to prepare something such as a chicken or crab (= a sea animal) by cleaning it and taking out the parts that you cannot eat

dress (up) to the nines — to put on extremely fashionable or formal clothes, usually to go to a special event

Phrasal verbs:
II UK [dres] / US noun
Word forms "dress":
singular dress plural dresses
1) [countable] a piece of clothing that covers a woman's body and part of her legs

a blue cotton dress

I'd never seen her in a dress before.

a) [uncountable] the clothes that are typical of a particular place, time in history, or occasion

The children were wearing traditional Norwegian dress.

They performed the play in Victorian dress.

b) the clothes that someone usually wears

He has an unusual style of dress.

English dictionary. 2014.

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